Health Essential 101 What to eat and how to exercise for a Love Island-ready body

The health and fitness online magazine provides information on how people can improve their fitness levels.

The UK version of Love Island has become a huge hit around the world, especially in the USA. Now, thanks to CBS a U.S version of Love Island will be appearing on screens in July. For those people wondering how to get bodies like the Love Island contestants, the wait is over. Health Essential 101 reveal all the secrets to having that perfect body just like the Love Island contestants.

Health Essential 101, the popular health, fitness, body and mind online publication is helping people become fitter, healthier, and more confident through tips, advice, and product reviews. The experts cover all associated topics to improving one’s health which even includes how to get a six pack as well as reviewing the best fitness equipment on the market.

Each year tens of millions of people spend a fortune trying to get a body just like a celebrity or a Love Island contestant. According to Health Essential 101 experts, many of those people are wasting money by purchasing the wrong equipment or products. That is why the experts at the popular online fitness publication review products and fitness equipment and honest feedback to help people avoid wasting money on products and equipment that don’t work.

When asked how improving a body can help a person improve their life, a spokesman for Health Essential 101 replied: “A lot of people who look at increasing their fitness think it is just down to improving the body. However, becoming fitter and healthier has a great impact on our lives. A person who is fitter can become more confident, it can also help to reduce stress levels, and can improve brain power.”

With news that 36.6% of Americans are overweight and 26.5% obese, there is no better time to become fitter and healthier. By becoming healthier it can help people avoid serious health problems that are associated with being overweight.

For those people who are fed up of seeing celebrities and reality stars with the perfect body, then Health Essential 101 is the answer. For more information on Health Essential 101, please visit

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