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Specialty Biocides Market: Introduction

A specialty biocide is a chemical compound or microorganism utilized to deter, destroy, and control any harmful organism by chemical or biological means.  Specialty biocides consist of the biocidal active substance and the biocidal product. The biocidal active substances are primarily chemical compounds or microorganisms. Most of biocidal active substances have high toxicity. Example of active substances with high toxicity such as CO2, which exhibit their biocidal activity only under certain specific conditions like in closed systems.

Biocidal products contain one or more biocidal active substances and is likely to contain other non-active elements that ensure effectiveness and desired characteristics such as pH, viscosity, color, and odor to the final product. Example of biocidal products such as clothes and wristbands saturated with insecticides, socks saturated with antibacterial substances etc.

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Specialty Biocides Market: Segmentation

The global specialty biocides market can be segmented based on type, application, and region. In terms of type, the specialty biocides market can be classified into halogen compounds, metallic compounds, organ-sulfurs, and organic acids. Halogen compounds are used as effective microbial growth control agents. Halogen compounds have relatively low occurrence of resistance. Low cost and highly stable are key factor for halogen compounds, this drive the specialty biocides market during the forecast period. Metallic compounds are used in food & beverage, wood preservation, and paint & coating applications as biocides. Organ-sulfur biocides are used to control microbial activity in the oil & gas industry. These inhibit micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria in re-circulating water systems. Organic acids such as formic or acetic acids are used as biocides, as they are less reactive in nature as compared to strong mineral acids such as hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid. Lactic acid-based products are extensively used as an antimicrobial agent in the poultry & meat industry.

Based on application, the specialty biocides market can be divided into water treatment, personal care, wood preservation, food & beverage, paints & coatings, and others. Rising demand for biocides in waste water treatment plants for municipal and industrial purpose is a key factor driving the demand for specialty biocides during the forecast period. After water treatment, food & beverage is expected to be major application for specialty biocides during the forecast period. Biocides increase the shelf life of food and prevent degradation of quality. Silver-based biocides are used as antibacterial agents in wood preservation due to their high thermal stability properties.

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Specialty Biocides Market: Key Player

The global specialty biocides market is fragmented. Large numbers of companies operate at the global and regional level. Companies operating in the specialty biocides market include Dow Chemicals, Troy Corporation, BASF SE, Solvay, Albemarle, and Thor Group.