Leading Fish Feed Supplier Wins Big At World Branding Award 2019 – Taiyo Feed

Press Release

The award for best fish food has been given to Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd as part of the World Branding Awards 2019.

Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd, a leading supplier of fish feed, bird feed and Small Animal feed is pleased to announce they have won a prestigious award at the 2019 World Branding Awards which was held in the Throne Room of the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. The company which was established in 2002 received its award in recognition of their quality fish feed.

The World Branding Awards which is organized by the World Branding Forum, a non-profit organization aims to celebrate the achievements and the hard work of some best global brands.

Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd which established itself as an industry leader in small animal feed won the award after being judged in three categories. Those categories included brand valuation, consumer market research and public online voting. Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd had to go against 800 other brands from 35 countries to win the award.

When Mr. Prabakar The founder of Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd was asked how he felt about being recognized by the World Branding Awards, he replied: “We work as a team at Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd and we are all truly honored to receive such an amazing accolade. We have worked very hard over the years to provide our customers with a quality product while at the same time increasing our brand awareness.”

Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd which generates 30 percent of its total annual revenues from export sales, to destination countries in Asia and Middle East aims to build on its global brand. According to the company which is based in Tamil Nadu. INDIA, they aim to work hard to retain its Global Branding Award in 2020.

For more information, please visit http://www.taiyogroup.in/

About Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd

Established in 2002, Taiyo Feed Mill Pvt Ltd. is ISO certified manufacturer and exporter of Animal feed. With a humble beginning, Taiyo has established itself as an industry leader. With a number of accolades and industrial recognition, Taiyo has been able to post a steady growth and create a great product line. Taiyo Feed Mill currently produces fish feed, bird feed, and Small Animal feed.

About The World Branding Awards
The World Branding Awards is the premier awards of the World Branding Forum.